Stratasys is a leading provider of additive and custom manufacturing services nationwide. Our Tucson facility specializes in additive and 3D printing technologies, including 3D Color Prints and Stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping and production. ISO 9001 certified.



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PolyJet Photopolymers

PolyJet photopolymers offer fine detail along with final-product realism surpassing all other 3D printing technologies. They exhibit a chameleon-like ability to simulate clear, flexible and rigid materials and engineering plastics — and even combine many colors and material properties into one model. Specialty materials include Bio-compatible and Dental. – See more at: http://www.stratasys.com/materials#sthash.AoALWKOo.dpuf

FDM Thermoplastics

FDM Technology works with production-grade thermoplastics to build tough, durable parts that are accurate, repeatable and stable over time. 3D print your concept models, prototypes, tools and production parts in familiar materials like ABS, PC and high-performance ULTEM 1010 and ULTEM 9085.

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